What, no cookies?!

We have detected that your browser does not support cookies. In order to navigate your way through this website you need to have a browser capable of accepting cookies. If you are unsure what a cookie is or are concerned about security, please read the information below:

Just what exactly is a cookie?

Bad news... You can't eat these types of cookies. Cookies are small TEXT-ONLY files which are created by a website so that it can read that information again. There is no way to hack a computer using cookies and no other website can read a cookie set by our website. Most websites set a cookie so that they easily access information about you without you needing to complete all the forms again. The only personal information the cookie can store is what you have typed. Cookies can not read information from a user's hard drive. They can only store data that is provided by the server or generated by an explicit user action. Cookies can be used to store any information that the user volunteers. They cannot be used to gather sensitive information such as the fields in a preference file, etc. Cookies are designed to be read only by the site that provides them, not by other sites. So, you see, there is nothing bad about accepting cookies. A lot of people do not understand the nature of cookies so they tend to get worried for no reason.