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A Job or a Career?


A CAREER with the Sheet Metal Industry

Provides a salary that might increase  Provides a salary that will increase
Limits your area of responsibility          Gives you many opportunities to grow
Generally limits your business contacts  Offers a wide-ranging network of contacts
Provides few challenges                        Tests your ability to think and learn
Can often be boring       Challenges your skills
Limits your opportunities                       Opens doors to many opportunities
Generally offers only basic training       Offers industry-recognized comprehensive education and training
Usually has limited benefits  Offers insurance, pension, paid vacations, and industry-assisted training
Keeps you in one place  Offers opportunities for travel
Provides few opportunities to contribute  Provides many opportunities to contribute to the industry and to your community
Gives you few or no retirement options  Provides many opportunities for a second career in the industry                                     

Looking for more than just a job? Contact us today to get started with a sheet metal career.