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ITI's Roofing Curriculum combines classroom time, hands-on projects, on-the-job experience and opportunities for self-paced learning. Apprentices will master the skills involved in:

Student Manuals

ITI's approach to instruction enables apprentices to learn at their own pace and in the way that suits them best. Because some individuals learn best by reading, others by seeing and still others by hearing, ITI's instructional materials include written manuals as well CDs with audio and visual presentations. ITI's Roofing Curriculum includes seven specific student manuals covering:

Job Sheets and CDs

Job Sheets and CDs related to the contents of the seven standard Roofing Manuals included in ITI's Roofing Curriculum encourage apprentices to take advantage of self-paced learning. CDs and Job Sheets review classroom material and enable apprentices to reinforce classroom training or strengthen their understanding by answering self-administered questions. When bad weather takes crews out of the field, contractors can use these materials to augment classroom training and on-the-job experience instead of just sending crews home.