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ITI's Sign Fabrication and Installation Curriculum couples the skills involved in sheet metal fabrication—design, layout, blue print reading and welding—with creative energy and artistic challenges. In addition to sign design and creation, an ITI sign fabrication technician must master the skills involved in hoisting and rigging, and standard industry safety practices. These specialty courses are presented in classroom sessions by industry professionals armed with state-of-the-art textbooks and educational aids in a learning laboratory setting. Classroom lessons and study time are augmented by on-the-job experience where apprentices work side-by-side with seasoned veterans.

Core Curriculum

ITI apprenticeship blends hands-on practical work experience with classroom time and projects that challenge creativity. ITI's Core Curriculum provides a complete overview of all aspects of sheet metal work. Instructors are industry professionals, graduates of the same kind of training. Classrooms are state of the art labs, fully equipped with the same tools and instruments that are used every day on the job. Textbooks and teaching aids include the latest technology and practical applications. Practical knowledge is reinforced by hands-on experience, under the direction of the foremost leaders in the industry.

ITI’s training program makes it easier to master:

Sheet Metal Math

Math is just another tool in your box. That's why ITI's Sheet Metal Math Curriculum is presented in a practical framework that enables students to easily understand its application. Measuring, calculating and figuring are often used on the job, so much so that it becomes second nature. Students learn the tricks of the trade for using math in everyday tasks like calculating angles and curves, figuring areas and volumes, and establishing heat loads.