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TAB Curriculum

ITI's TAB Curriculum trains participants in various performance characteristics of large HVAC systems, including:

Once a student has mastered these and other facets of TAB training, he or she is prepared to take a battery of tests to earn certification by the Testing, Adjusting and Balancing Bureau (TABB).

TAB Modules

Maintaining peak efficiency for complex HVAC systems requires a fundamental understanding of how the various elements of a system affect overall performance. Efficiency is not limited to economical operational costs. It also applies to the ability of a system to sustain maximum air quality while eliminating or minimizing contaminants and pollution.

ITI's TAB Curriculum develops a firm understanding of the operation and role of each component of an HVAC system—from digital controls and ductwork, to electrical motors, fans, piping, belts and pulleys— in attaining the twin objectives of healthy air quality and efficient operations. ITI's training relates each module back to the overall performance of the system. The TAB Curriculum places substantial emphasis on energy management and indoor air quality principles to underscore the overall purpose of TAB services.

ITI training includes hands-on training with sophisticated testing and balancing equipment and tools, discussion and practical application of safe air quality operations, and the accurate use of sophisticated measuring devices to ascertain airflow, contaminant levels, humidity and temperature. A fully-trained and certified TAB technician who has mastered these training modules is an invaluable asset to builders, building owners and tenants.

Core Curriculum

ITI apprenticeship blends hands-on practical work experience with classroom time and projects that challenge creativity. ITI's Core Curriculum provides a complete overview of all aspects of sheet metal work. Instructors are industry professionals, graduates of the same kind of training. Classrooms are state of the art labs, fully equipped with the same tools and instruments that are used every day on the job. Textbooks and teaching aids include the latest technology and practical applications. Practical knowledge is reinforced by hands-on experience, under the direction of the foremost leaders in the industry.

ITI’s training program makes it easier to master:

Sheet Metal Math

Math is just another tool in your box. That's why ITI's Sheet Metal Math Curriculum is presented in a practical framework that enables students to easily understand its application. Measuring, calculating and figuring are often used on the job, so much so that it becomes second nature. Students learn the tricks of the trade for using math in everyday tasks like calculating angles and curves, figuring areas and volumes, and establishing heat loads.