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What is Service and Refrigeration?

Can you imagine working in a building without heated or cooled air? What would life be like without refrigerators or freezers? Almost everything we do indoors depends on a working heating and cooling system. These systems make buildings comfortable and safe. They prolong the life of foods and keep medicines and blood supplies at safe temperatures. Demand for skilled technicians in this specialized field is high.

As a service and refrigeration technician, you’ll:

You will work on a variety of job sites. You may install and test systems to ensure that they are operating safely and efficiently. You may sometimes have to work in dangerous conditions, like during a storm. The work is always exciting and challenging and your services will always be in demand.

Earn While You Learn

Depending on your location, you could earn $12-20/hour as an apprentice or $20-50/hour as a journeyman. In addition to an hourly wage, you will receive great benefits including health, pension, 401k, and more.

Service and Refrigeration: Curriculum

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