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What is the Sign Industry?

You see signs everywhere – on highways, on top of buildings, hanging outside stores, or planted in the ground. Craft workers in the sheet metal industry make the majority of signs, even the ones made of plastics or neon tubing. In this field, you may work on the design of new signs, fabricate signs based on existing designs, or mount signs in a variety of locations. Most of your work will be done outdoors in the field while some jobs, like sign designer, are generally done indoors with the assistance of a computer. You will also learn about the different types of lighting used for signs such as neon or fiber optic cable. Wherever you work in this field, your efforts will be on display for the world to see.

Opportunities in this field include:

Earn While You Learn

Depending on your location, you could earn $12-20/hour as an apprentice or $20-50/hour as a journeyman. In addition to an hourly wage, you will receive great benefits including health, pension, 401k, and more.

Sign Industry Topics:

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