Course Title: Total Track for Instructors


This course is intended to assist Instructors in the use of the Total Track apprentice database system. Instructors are an integral part of the Total Track system in the development of Local JATC course materials for delivery to the students. The intent of this 40 hour class is to have the Instructor learn how to place lesson plans, assignments, and course related documents into the Total Track system as well as show them how to properly deliver those course related materials digitally. The additional intention of this program is to assist those JATC’s that are having issues in relation to getting Total Track implemented due to a lack of time to train their Instructors locally, resources needed in regards to time constraints, etc.

Those Instructors chosen to attend this class MUST bring with them to the sessions their lesson plans, tests, assignments, handouts and other class related materials (either digitally or in hard copy) used at their respective JATC’s to successfully run their classes to facilitate implementation into the Total Track system.

Upon Completion of this program, your JATC will have at a minimum at least one if not more fully developed courses available for classroom use upon your Instructor’s return.

Scheduled classes include but are not limited to:

  • Building Courses in the Total Track system
  • Building Tests, Quizzes and question banks in the Total Track system for use in classes
  • Uploading and storage of course related materials
  • Grading in the Total Track system as well as building grading modules to meet local JATC grading requirements
  • Setting up assignments and uploading documents associated to those assignments
  • Taking attendance
  • Adjusting Class/Course materials after class has started
  • Must have already attended Instructor 101
  • Must have an instructor role at local JATC in the Total Track system

This class is currently full. By continuing with this process, you are adding your name to a Wait List and are NOT signing up for the actual class. If seats become available before the application deadline, you will be contacted in the order in which you signed up.