The third round of our ongoing accreditation review process began in the fall of 2011. As you know, our ability to compete demands excellence in all aspects of our apprenticeship and journeyperson training programs. The accreditation process provides a mechanism for recognizing educational and training institutions that achieve and maintain a prescribed level of performance excellence, integrity and quality. Our industry, the communities we serve, and potential apprentice recruits will have increased confidence in a local Training Center that is accredited. The overall goal is to maintain gold level accreditation status for all JATCs.


Goal 1.0 - 
Visibly set the labor/management-sponsored sheet metal and air conditioning industry apprenticeship and journeyperson training programs apart from other programs through positive action that emphasizes and promotes excellence.
Goal 2.0 - 
Promote Training Center and program improvements based upon recognized and accepted accreditation criteria.
Goal 3.0 - 
Continually improve the relevance, value and quality of the accreditation process.

Accreditation Benefits and Advantages

Accreditation offers a number of benefits and advantages to local JATCs that engage in the process and become accredited. These include the following:

Accreditation Criteria

The accreditation criteria focus upon the kind of comprehensive training system needed to graduate journeypersons who are skilled in current trade technology, able to adapt to changing technology, and capable of handling a variety of work situations. The ITI accreditation team will determine how adequately the criteria have been met through three indicators: observation, documentation and interviews. The criteria that will be reviewed include the following:

Changes and Additions to Accreditation Criteria

At the October, 2010 meeting of the Accreditation Board, certain criteria for accreditation were either changed or added. Please be advised that these criteria, some of which are mandatory, will be included in your next assessment. To access the changes and additions, please click here for an easy-to-understand checklist. Areas highlighted in yellow indicate changes or additions to previous accreditation criteria. Check marks highlighted in yellow indicate a change to “mandatory.”

Please note that accreditation criteria are subject to change based on recommendations of the July 2011 Accreditation Board meeting.