Do you…

  • Enjoy working with your hands?
  • Have above average mechanical and math skills?
  • Understand spatial relationships?
  • Like solving problems?
  • Have excellent work and study habits?
  • Work well in teams?
  • Work responsibly?
  • Have a high school diploma or GED?

If you answered YES to all of these questions, keep reading to learn more about a rewarding career in the sheet metal industry.

When you enter an apprenticeship, you agree to work in an on-the-job training program and attend specialized classes for between four and five years. As an apprentice, you:

  • Earn a good salary while learning your trade – a salary that increases as your skills and knowledge increase
  • Pay little to no tuition costs or fees
  • Receive books and other educational material free of charge
  • Learn from instructors who have hands-on experience in the sheet metal industry
  • Put everything you learn to work right away—your career begins with your apprenticeship
  • Graduate without student loan debt