THE SMART Heroes program provides sheet metal industry training, free of charge, to enlisted men and women of the U.S. Military prior to discharge. When the SMART Heroes program is completed and the military personnel is discharged, the graduate can select any one of the 148 SMART apprenticeship programs in the United States and be provided advanced placement as a second-year apprentice.


Once the soldier or airman is accepted into the program, instruction will last seven weeks - Tuesday through Friday. The class is full-time and will provide the equivalent of first-year apprenticeship training (224 hours). Three broad categories of instruction will be delivered:

General Sheet Metal

OSHA 10, personal protective equipment and fall protection, shop equipment safety, HVAC system theory, basic principles of architectural sheet metal, introduction to hand and power tools, basic materials and hardware used in the trade, basic principles of drafting, introduction to CAD, introduction to print reading, introduction to principles of layout and shop fabrication projects.


A combination of classroom theory and hours in a welding booth will be required. Some students may advance and certify with welding certifications by the American Welding Society (AWS).

HVAC Service / System Test, Adjust, Balance

Principles of HVAC system design, electrical theory, basic refrigeration cycle, introduction to the inspection, repair and servicing of heating and air conditioning equipment, HVAC refrigeration tools, introduction to print reading, introduction to principles of air and water balance, test/adjust/balance tools and instruments, reporting and system validation.

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